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DECember Specials extended through 1/18/20

Stretch Mark Removal

    One session for $60 (Reg. $75)

*Up to 10 pulses each

(Number of sessions needed depends on scar size and depth)

Vitamin B12 injections

Series of x10 injections once per week x10 weeks for $125 (Reg. $250)

*Boost metabolism

*Energy enhancer

*Helps rejuvenate skin and hair

*Cell regeneration

IPL Photofacial Laser

  One session for $99

Package of x3 for $285 (Reg. $900)

*Face or neck

*Laser energy promote Collagen

*Removes fine wrinkles

*Reduce pigments and freckles

Botox $11/unit

  OR $9/Unit when you buy 100 Units, buy now and use later, does not expire

 *Remove frown and forehead lines

*Look less stressed or worried

*Eyebrow lift

*Upper lip lift/aversion

*Masseter jaw relaxation

*Reduce chin puckering


 One session $800 (Reg. $1200)

*Reduce appearance of double chin

*Remove submental fat

*Get smoother slimmer neck

*Recommended x3 session for best results


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